The Tools

CABLE consists of five components (Wang et al., 2011):

  1. the radiation module describes radiation transfer and absorption by sunlit and shaded leaves;
  2. the canopy micrometeorology module describes the surface roughness length, zero-plane displacement height, and aerodynamic conductance from the reference height to the air within canopy or to the soil surface;
  3. the canopy module includes the coupled energy balance, transpiration, stomatal conductance and photosynthesis of sunlit and shaded leaves;
  4. the soil module describes heat and water fluxes within soil and snow at their respective surfaces; and
  5. the ecosystem carbon module accounts for the respiration of stem, root and soil organic carbon decomposition.

In BIOS2, the default CABLE v1.4 soil and carbon modules have been replaced respectively by the SLI soil model (Haverd and Cuntz, 2010) and the CASA-CNP biogeochemical model (Wang et al., 2010).