Australian Climate Change Science Program

The Australian Climate Change Science Program is the Australian Government’s largest and longest running climate change science program. It involves over 100 scientists undertaking world-class research on the causes, nature, timing and consequences of climate change. It is designed to address key policy questions needed to address climate change challenges over the coming decades. The science and research focuses on understanding the effects of climate change, whether changes are long-term or cyclical, and how it will change in the future. The information is used by the Australian Government for mitigation, adaptation and global solution strategies to better protect our environment and communities. For more information: http://www.cawcr.gov.au/projects/climatechange/index.shtml

The ACCSP is and has been the sole funder for development of the BIOS2 modelling platform, including the results presented here. Their continuing support is gratefully acknowledged.

Earth Observation and Informatics Transformational Capability Platform

The Earth Observation Informatics (EOI) Transformational Capability Platform (TCP) is CSIRO's newest TCP, established in 2012. The EOI TCP is a capability platform for the development of methods and technologies that enable CSIRO and Australia to participate in and benefit from using Earth observation data. It supports research innovation in EO informatics: from the development of new sensing instruments through to enabling technologies for applying new and existing data to integrated environmental information systems. For further information contact: Dr Arnold Dekker, Email: Arnold.Dekker@csiro.au

The EOI TCP provided funding (with ACCSP) for the development of this Carbon Water Observatory website and associated tools.